Example Sites Design and Pricing

Every site is different, this is standard pricing for a basic site design. Contact us for an accurate estimate of your costs

Prices do not include the upfront cost to build the site.  Pages are billed based on their content.  An average cost would be $50 per page.  More complex pages are higher cost, less complex are less.

If you want a 5 Page Website assume an upfront cost of around $250 for the site design and construction.  Then the costs above to host and maintain the site are billed annually.  The fully managed cost assumes 1 layout change and 5 content changes per month for the 12 month contract.

If your site requires more complicated functions or elements that incur a cost to me, you would be billed that cost.  An example if you wanted a calendar that allowed people to setup appointments, this type of functionality typically has a licensing fee associated with it.

Additional costs may be incurred if you wanted us to design a Logo or favicon.