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About our Company

EzNetHost is a small start-up hosting company based out of Bellefonte (pronounced Bell Font)  in Central Pennsylvania in the U.S.A.

Small companies give you the benefit of great service at a great price.  Although I cannot yet offer 24 hour phone support like the big guys,  You can be assured that your needs are at the top of my priority list and you are not sat in a queue of 10000 other problems waiting on a faceless offshore rep to get to you.  Of course as we grow our support abilities will be able to grow with us but my plan is for EzNetHost.com to never become just another “one of the big boys”

Although right now I am working a full time job as well as supporting eznethost.com, I am one person, I will answer your support questions as quickly as I can and have set my own goals of not more than 1 hour from receiving your contact to you hearing back from me, no matter how you contact me.

We maybe Small but this is NOT a basement server operation like some small hosting companies,  Using a basic cable internet connection and an old Dell server to hold your Data.  Currently we are renting space on a dedicated server in a major US server farm in Los Angeles CA, which boasts raised floor, climate control, multiple Gigabit Tier 1 connections and Raid 10 Storage.  This ensure’s your data is secure, regularly backed up and the server is monitored 24/7 in case of outages.


Pre-sale’s questions: sales@eznethost.com

Billing questions:  billing@eznethost.com

Help and support:  support@eznethost.com

All other inquiries to admin@eznethsot.com

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